Bell Housing and Gear Coupling

Bell Housing and Gear Coupling

Wide range high quality bell-Housing & Drive Couplings for connecting motors and pumps.

The Hydraulic Bell Housing are designed for coupling hydraulic pumps having flanges to electric motors having metric flanges. These bell housings are precisely machined to reduce misalignment of coupled shafts. The correct alignment of the shafts along with the cushioned power transmission through a resilient spider increases the life of the bearings of the pump/motor coupled. The construction also reduces the noise generation considerably.

Material Cast Iron and high grade aluminum
Type Vertical and Horizontal
Range 0.5 HP to 40 HP
Description Vertical assembly for flange motor and Horizontal assembly for foot flange motor
Application To lineup motor and pump shaft

Nylon Gear Couplings Nylon couplings are compact and require no lubrication. They operate over a wide temperature range at speeds up to 5000 RPM and are effectively used in applications such as Motor/ Generator sets, pump sets and many light to medium duty industrial coupling applications. No lubrications are ever required, eliminating the need for seals. The resilient nature of nylon material makes the contact of the hubs and sleeves almost frictionless. Since no lubrication is used, the coupling can readily be adapted to many applications including vertical and blind installations where the slip-together components offer easy inspection and adjustment. Operationally, the coupling offers a minimum backlash solution that will operate in ambient temperature environments from -40° to 150°F. Nylon Sleeve couplings have precision molded sleeves and hubs with no bolts, pins, flanges or protrusions to affect balance or safety. The nylon sleeve permits misalignment up to 5°.

  • Simple and easy assembly
  • High electrical insulating property
  • High thermal stability
  • No maintenance
  • Molded nylon sleeve
  • No internal friction loss or heat buildup
  • Minimum backlash
  • High ambient temperature allowed
  • Resistance to dirt, moisture, most chemicals
  • Low maintenance (no seals, lubricant, retainers)
  • High torque, low inertia