SAE Flange Fitting

Services Details

SAE Flanges are mainly used for bigger sizes of tubes in NB (Nominal Bore) sizes. Hydraulic Flanges are used in bigger sizes of Piping joints Where Nut & ferrule assembly is not possible due to higher in Hex section sizes & High torgue require to tightened / Grip the ferrule in to the tube & lead to lose the joints at High pressure application. In such cases the usage of Flanges with Butt weld or Socket weld has been found to be more practical leading to compact piping installation.

SAE Flanges manufacture an array of SAE flanges and Hydraulic flanges which corresponds to relevant international standards.

SAE Flanges find application in industries where flanged joints are encountered during the tasks of fabrication & maintenance.

Other Deatails

  • SAE Flanges can also be customized as per the drawings and specifications provided by the clients.
  • SAE Flanges are manufactured as per SAE J518 standard equivalent to ISO 6162 types
  • SAE Flanges are in OVAL shaped & available in forged body.
  • SAE flanges are in various types such as Split, Mono, captive, Butt weld, Socket weld, stub end type.
  • SAE Flanges are available in various materials like carbon steel, stainless steel 304 & 316 grades.
  • SAE Flanges are designed as per SAE J 518 C standards worldwide & SAE Flanges can be Interchangeable. The design for the SAE System calls for Forged Flanges to ASTM A 105 with Sleeves made from weldable material. In order to reduce costs, various manufacturers have introduced a two piece system where the sleeve & the Flange were combined into one Piece. Such a system is easily adaptable to both Butt Weld and Socket weld Systems. However in practice, the two piece system is used mainly for Socket Weld Flanges for cost considerations.
  • SAE Flanges are followed SAE J 518 C Equivalent to ISO 6162 standards for the 3000 psi and 6000 psi static pressure range respectively.
  • SAE system depends on the same set of butt welding sleeves held together by a set of Split Flange and Solid Flange secured by Allen Bolts and Nuts.
  • In order to reduce the distance between pipes , SAE introduced their own Standards which are now incorporated in to ISO 6162 for the 3000 psi and 6000 psi
  • Static Pressure ranges respectively. SAE Flanges system depends on the same set of butt welding sleeves held together by a set of Split Flange and Solid Flange secured by Hex Bolts and Nut.
  • We are offers Our Flange is One to one replacement for Parker and Stauff.

Types of Flanges Offered

  • SAE Split Flange Halves.
  • Flange Clamps with Metric Tapped Holes.
  • Split Flange Halves - Flat Style.
  • Mono Flange Clamps - Flat Style.
  • Multi-Part Butt Weld Flange and Butt Weld Tube End.
  • Multi-Part Socket Weld Flange and Socket Weld Tube End.
  • Multi-Part Blind Flange and Blind Plug.
  • Integrated Female BSP/NPT Threaded Flange.
  • Integrated Female UN Threaded Flange.
  • Integrated Female Metric Threaded Flange.
  • Integrated Butt Weld Flange.
  • Integrated Socket Weld Flange.
  • Integrated Blind Flange.
  • Adaptor Flange with Port for Test Point.