Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder

A close contact is developed with the customer right from the enquiry stage through all stages of design and development until the correct solution is reached for production. Deployment of advanced 3D design software and UHI manufacturing system speeds up this process.

Hydraulic Cylinders product range includes

  • Single acting Cylinders
  • Double acting Cylinders,
  • Single acting and double acting telescopic Cylinders

Technical Specifications:

Tube Bore 40mm to 300mm, rod Dia-16mm to 200 mm, strokes up to 6000mm and working pressure up to 450Bar with various mounting options.

Apart from this UHI also offers special application cylinders like:

  • 3 stage and 4 stage Double Acting Telescopic Cylinders for Refuse Compactors.
  • High Pressure Extrusion Press - Working Fluid Distilled Mineral Water (98%)
  • Large bore Double acting Press Cylinder, Test Pressure @ 400Bar
  • Cylinders with position sensors and integrated valves.
  • Multistage double acting telescopic cylinder, high precision Missile launcher cylinders suitable for -40DegC, 380mm and bigger Bore press cylinders

Earthmoving & Construction Equipment - Backhoe Loaders, Front end Loaders, Soil Compactors, Motor Graders etc.

  • Agriculture machinery – Harvester Combines, Tractors , Tractor attachments etc
  • Material Handling – Pick and Carry Cranes, Slew Cranes, Forklifts, Stackers etc
  • Transport Hydraulics - Garbage compactors, Dumper placers, Car Carriers, Tipping , etc.
  • Industrial & Other applications