Hydraulic Fitting


Single ferrule fittings are widely used for Hydraulic applications such as Hydraulic Power packs, Hydraulic press, Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic operated cranes, Hydraulic machines

Hydraulic fittings are available in Carbon Steel and Stainless steel.

Hydraulic fittings are available in various types such as Union Equal Couplings, Elbow fittings, Tee fittings, Banjo fittings , Bulkhead fittings, Vsti plugs , Male stud couplings , Female couplings, Kross fittings.

Hydraulic fittings are available in Light duty & Heavy duty series sizes range from 6 mm od till 42 mm od.
Hydraulic fittings are used with seamless tubes with proper biting (Ferruling) technology so that there will not be any chance of leakage of oils in the piping systems.

All hydraulic fitting are available as per din standard 2353.