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Pipe Clamp


"Unique Hydraulic" manufactured and supply pipe clamps are manufactured as per DIN 3015 standards and widely used for supporting piping systems. UHI Pipe Clamps are used to prevent noise and vibration by gripping on tubes during the time of system pressure working up to 10,000 psi. UHI tube clamps are interchangeable with all other brands worldwide.

Other Information

  • Pipe Clamps are Designed as per DIN 3015 standards
  • Pipe Clamps has Rib designed structure to provide resistance against impact and vibration dampening
  • Pipe Clamps will provides strength in the direction of the tube axis ensuring a high degree of sound deadening
  • Pipe Clamps are as per pipe OD, working pressure. rating , types of steel materials being used for piping , types of layout for piping , number of piping line
  • Pipe Clamps Available in very light series , Light series, Heavy series , Twin Series , Construction series , Saddle clamps , U bolt clamps , Aluminium series clamps , Rail mounted clamps & so on….

Further to add for your knowledge , we would like to say that Pipe clamps selection are important strategy in hydraulic piping systems & wrong clamps can create vibration & noise in the piping lines & will further develop leakages in the joints of fittings , tubes , valves & other components attached to it.

Pipe Clamps Selections are based on as follows:-
  • Pressure Requirements in the piping systems.
  • Temp. Requirements in the piping systems.
  • Chemical corrosion, salt water application, critical atmosphere conditions, fire safety application.
  • Installation of clamps on the structure will decide which mounted types of clamps are to be uses.
  • Distance between each clamp should be strictly followed as per standard.